"Nothing Is Real" lyrics - GOO GOO DOLLS

"Nothing Is Real"

Hey anybody in this world
Can you talk to me awhile
Find a reason for it all
'Cause I keep looking backwards
To a place I've never been
To a home that never was
It's like I'm losing it again
And it takes so long to say these words
Can you wait so long for me

Hey nothing is real
It's all what you believe
Something you dream inside your head
You know how I feel
Because it's just you and me
Something I need to call my own
To feel and call my own

Dark inside this empty room
And I'm waiting for the sun
To come to me
Someday I'm gonna get this right
I'm gonna get this right
Gonna find a better way
Gonna lead another life
I wanted to let you know me
But I'm trapped inside the fear
And I never said a word
Though you always seemed to hear
When I take so long
To say these words
Yeah you wait so long for me