"Out Of Body" lyrics - GORILLAZ

"Out Of Body"
feat. Kilo Kish, Zebra Katz and Imani Vonsha

[Kilo Kish:]
Pipe down, pipe down, pipe down, pipe down, pipe down
We're here tonight for a very special offering
An offering of our spirits this evening in unison
But first a word of instruction

Hello, hello
Please leave all your belongings at the door
You can sit or stand, we can take a vote
And just tiptoe to the center of the circle
While we unveil the ropes
Still a little room left to hang your clothes
Some of us are new here, we'll take it slow
Ready, set, go
I lock hands with yours
We dive into the floor
When we reach the core
Then we stomp some more
I lock hands with yours
And then we dive down into the floor
Seven thousand miles 'till we reach the core
And then we circle back and we stomp some more
Got it?
It's just like that
You promise all your life, then you turn your back
You glide across the space, and diagonal past
Then you kick, and you jump, and you arch your back
You move your hips and your arms like a cat
Spin three times, and you're back where you're at
Does anybody catch what any of this is about?
No? Well, work it out

[Zebra Katz:]
Out of body from morning to night
Dance low, pat, and I'm feeling alright

[Kilo Kish:]
Slide like a lizard, bark with the crowd
Eyes dilated, dark to the grass
Then we you find you're invincible
[?] puzzle
Keep it flowing like the rivers do
You gotta pay attention to the motion of the fish
Stay within the school or you're surely gonna miss
And if you lose your way, it's a cold black abyss
Don't take the chance, not worth the risk

[Zebra Katz:]
Out of body from morning to night
Dance low, pat, and I'm feeling alright

[Kilo Kish:]
Who knows?
There's always stains on what's real and... true?
Tonight is a special, special occasion
And all that's left for us to do, is move

[Imani Vonsha:]
Ooh, I, I
Where am I going?
What am I doing?
I, I'm alive
I cannot follow
I, I'm so alive
I'm so, I'm so high

[2D (Zebra Katz):]
Everybody says some [?]
I'm for real when I don't [?]
Everybody gonna [?]
(It's so big, big, big)
Everybody says that I'm more
It ain't that I'm partyin', I'm drinkin' it up
Can I tell you what the dream's about tonight?
(Dance low, pat, and I'm feeling alright)