"Severed Head" lyrics - GORILLAZ

"Severed Head"
feat. Goldlink & Unknown Mortal Orchestra

[Intro: 2D]
Soft decay
Soft decay
Soft decay
Soft decay

[Verse 1: GoldLink & 2D]
I've been losing everything, yeah
I can't keep a fuckin' thing, yeah
Through the money, through the fame
It seems like that controls this thing
Guess my head just left the buildin'
Like out the window, missed the ceiling
I cannot explain this feelin'
I never learned to speak Brazilian
Now I'm stuck, my body left me bleedin' (soft decay)
Roll the train, it's passing fast
It's speedin' outside
My body gone, I don't need the soul, ay
Just take another breather so, ay
Follow my torso
I mean my neck here but where did my heart go?
I mean, my leg go but where do my mind go?
I guess I only gotta go where the body goes
Geronimo (Stay a little longer)

[Verse 2: 2D]
Paradise has mountains that take a lifetime
To climb in dreams, I fly above them
I'm haunted by what I saw last night
On angelic highways, waiting in the darkness
I'm on a speeding train (soft decay)
I stick my head out of the carriage window (soft decay)
My cheeks inflate, my eyes become watery (soft decay)
Whoosh, my head is severed (soft decay)
Will you stay a little longer?

[Verse 3: Ruban Nielson & 2D]
Condensation makes pathways down a window pane (soft decay)
I don't really wanna watch you drive away
What do you say?
Maybe you could stay for another day
Oh, baby, wait
What exactly did the doctor say?
I've been grinding teeth awake in bed
And my aching head
How could love suddenly be dead
We could swallow bread
Our hunger is not easily fed
I've been waitin' for sleep to come
I've been breathing through these aching lungs
I keep wakin' up
This is worse than ever breaking up
If your time is up
How much more before mine is up?

[Outro: GoldLink & 2D]
Yeah, uh (soft decay)
The roundabout, the vibe is nice
We all will die
Yeah, I mean the roundabout (soft decay)
Our life is nice, we all gon' die, right?
Oh, the roundabout, the vibe is nice (soft decay)
We all will die, yeah
I mean the whole roundabout (soft decay)
My life is nice, we all gon' die, yeah
Soft decay
Soft decay