"Tough On Clothes" lyrics - GRAHAM PARKER & THE FIGGS

"Tough On Clothes"

That crazy shirt you wear
It's gettin'thin near threadbare
That ribbon in your hair
Made outta lace and it's bound to tear
Those ice-blue jeans you got
With the hole in the back
And the sunflower swatch
People are startin'to stare
God knows what's goin' on
With your underwear

You're tough on clothes
It's gonna cost me a fortune
To keep you in 'em
You're tough on clothes
I'm gonna have to get a job and
Make a decent livin' now
You're tough on you're tough on
Go easy now, go easy child

Those shoes like a blast from the past
The heels are lookin'wobbly now
They can't last
That sweater with the maple leaf
Went and lost it's shape
In the very first week
That jacket with the nice green piping
Got hit with a tomato that was
Really ripe and
Those brand new joggin' pants
Are covered with flies and crushed ants


Your mother spends so much
Time on stitchin'
You'll have us all eatin' at the
Soup kitchen
You got a pair of pants for every day
But none of them fit did you buy 'em that way

You tried on everything at the local mall
But it's either too big or too small
And that little black dress we bought ya
It looks like it's been through some
Kind of torture

Those socks if they had half a chance
Would walk on their own or
Learn to dance
And those brand new sweat pants
Now is that dead flies or crushed ants