"Teeny's Hair" lyrics - GRANT HART

"Teeny's Hair"

Teeny's hair hangs down gently to her shoulder
She doesn't look any older
Than she did when she was young
There is a room filled with the stolen Mona Lisas
De Milo's broken pieces
That's where the pictures are hung
When he arrives all of the men with badges trust him
Take a Spanish door through customs
It's no crime, it is no crime
Ascending the stairs
Where you accept the Legion of Honour
And the mark of Cain is upon her
For all time, yes for all time
Take my knights away
Sweep all my horses off of the table
Tell me strategies if you're able
Show me how the game can be played
We go to the place where all the re-named roses gather
And the bearded ladies lather
To be shaved, oh to be shaved