"Haven't I Been A Fool" lyrics - GRANT MCLENNAN

"Haven't I Been A Fool"

High August moon,
The light coming into my room.
Dead winter leaves,
The sound of the wind through the trees.
I thought by now we'd be on, we'd be further on.
I'm telling everyone that you're the only one.
Haven't I been a fool.

Tell the funeral man
I don't like powder on my face.
Tell the policeman
To break a law, well that's no disgrace.
Tell the doctor too
That his medicine is far too good.
Tell the baker man
That the bread that he bakes tastes like wood.
Haven't I been a fool.

Tell everybody
Don't come knocking on my door.
Tell everyone
That a long line has been drawn.
Tell the back-stabbers too
That their knives are too blunt.
I'm telling everyone
You're the one, you're the one that I want.
Haven't I been a fool.