"Forecourt To Hell" lyrics - GRAVE DIGGER

"Forecourt To Hell"

Smell the sweat of their bodies
Hear the screams of the mob
Feel the heat of the atmosphere
It's crackling!
The gladiators are here!

Morituri te salutant
We are raising the flails
Morituri te salutant
Our lives are for sale
Steel meets steel in the forecourt to hell
Where the slaves of the universe
Say farewell.
Blood runs red when the fighting begins
In the forecourt to hell, no one will win.

The gates are opened, drums of death start to sound
The Roman Emperor established the round
Hate and anger drawn in their faces
The crowd celebrates with rejoicings and embraces


The mighty and strongest
Will survive.
There will only be one
Who will leave alive
There's no grace, for the struck man.
Head's are rolling,
Before the fighting starts again!