"Jackass" lyrics - GREEN DAY


To know you is to hate you
So loving you must be like suicide
Well I don't mind
If you don't mind
Hell, I am not the one that's gonna die

I guess I just can't listen
To this one-sided conversation again
Well I don't care
If I don't care
No one ever said that life was fair

Well everybody loves a joke
But no one likes a fool
And you're always crackin
The same old lines again
You're well rehearsed on every verse
And that was stated clear
But no one understands your verity

The center of attention
And an honorable mention once again
And salutations
You're a figment of your own imagination

To know you is to bait you
And you fell victim to your own denial
Well I don't mind
If you dont mind
You're was...ting...all...your...time