"Broken Radio" lyrics - GREEN ON RED

"Broken Radio"

Got a tape of an old forgotten song
It was sad and mournful, how the past can't be undone
Singer sounded like Dylan through an old broke radio
Cryin about a woman whose heart had turned cold

And I wander through the night the melody holds me tight
And whispers I'm not alone

In the kitchen cupboard theres family recipes
For love and kindness the precious things you need
We rely on these things through trials and tribulations
When you feel like going out and buyin a gun

And I wander through the days the melody keeps me safe
And whispers I'm not alone

And I'm not going to believe in your lies anymore
I've got my dreams, you've got yours

Count your blessings on your toes
Maybe your fingers will find someone to hold
Don't be stubborn like some ole fool
The future's not bleak dreams will come true

And I wander through these days the melody keeps me sane
No reason to run and hide with some fake disguise
So if your looking for someone who don't give a damn
Well I think you've found your man

We Had It All