"Hector's Out" lyrics - GREEN ON RED

"Hector's Out"

It's getting dangerous
To be alone
Hands are all sweaty
Eyes on the phone
Feeling itchy
Scratch like a dog
That's been kicked around
Stuck like a frog

Here's the situation
As far as I can see
He's stripped of his credentials
His pedigree

It's a long hot summer
No air conditioning
You boil like a lobster
Even the birds won't sing
You're on a tumble
No sleep at night
Too tired to make love
But not to fight

Dreaming is for losers
Who just can't make it work
Hectors out of prison
He's gone berserk

Drained and empty
Can't get your fill
The shadows surround you
Man it's like overkill
A twisters brewing
Heat on the rise
Cross hairs lined up
Between your eyes

Death by suffocation
Gets closer every day
Till every breaths' a number
You waste away