"Don't You Think Too Much" lyrics - GREG BROWN

"Don't You Think Too Much"

Just one look at you, and I can see where you are,
Ah, you're down in the blue hole; no one knows how far,
Oh-o-o-o, little darlin',
Show me the right touch.

I know how it all can spin around like a computer gone mad,
Bad times and the past times and all the trouble that you have,
Oh-o-o-o-o, little darlin'
Don't you think too much.

Some people think they're gonna do themselves and this world a lot of good,
By thinkin' 'bout their whole gig 'til it's all well understood,
But oh-o-o, little darlin',
All around this little world there's a hush.

One little child, one little child in just one day,
Brightens up this whole universe in such a special way,
So oh-o-o-o, little darlin',
Don't you think too much.

Too many people too soon, ah, you know they're gonna wake up dead,
To find they spent their whole lives just knockin' 'round in their head,
Oh-o-o-o, little darlin',
Where we're goin' there ain't no rush.

This world will abuse you, confuse you and lose you, it's true,
You gotta get down to your instincts if you're, if you're gonna make it
So oh-o-o-o little darlin',
Don't you think too much.

Well, it may sound like about the craziest thing that you have ever heard,
Ah, but you just can't think too much if you're gonna sing just like a bird,
Oh-o-o little darlin',
You can't fly if you clutch.

If you don't step outside of it, ah, you can't see that it's whole,
I ain't tryin' to tell you nothin' but what I, what I say to my own soul,
I say oh-o-o-o little darlin',
Don't you think too much.

Yeah, I say Oh-o-o-o... little darlin',
Don't you think too much.