"We've Gotta Be Clean" lyrics - GUSTER

"We've Gotta Be Clean"

[Intro: Backing vocals]
They've got to be clean, they've got to be clean ah ah

[Verse: Ryan Miller/Backing vocals]
We wash our hands whenever we eat
And in the bath we wash our ears, our elbows and feet
We gotta be clean
We gotta be clean
It's healthy and keen
We gotta be clean (ah ah)
Yes sir!

[Verse 2: Ryan Miller & Adam Gardner/Backing vocals]
We start each day by brushing our teeth
(Brush! Brush!)
And getting the plaque and stuff off the smile underneath, neath
We gotta be clean, clean
We floss in between, tween
Like the tree must be green, green
We gotta be clean
(They've got to be clean)

[Verse 3: Ryan Miller & Adam Gardner/Backing vocals/Peter Katis]
Each day's a fight with the forces of dirt
Dirt! Dirt! Dirt!
Battling the smudge and the smear and the squirt
Squirt! Squirt! Squirt!
What do we do when our shirt is all covered with mustard?
Mustard! Mustard! Mustard!
You may just wear it and wear it and wear it for weeks
No! Not Guster
We wash it, then we wear it

[Verse 4: Ryan Miller & Adam Gardner/Backing vocals/Miller]
We may be sad, we may be beat
We may be cross or tired or mad but we'll always be neat
We gotta be clean
(They've got to be clean)
Like all dishes we've seen
Or a fresh nectarine
Or some laundry that's been
Through the washing machine
We gotta be clean
(They've got to be ah)