"Do Me Right" lyrics - GUY

"Do Me Right"

[Heavy D:]
Ayo Teddy you ready,
[Teddy:] Yep Yep.
Ayo nasty man your ready
[Aaron:] Oohhh yeaha
What about you crazy legs?
[Damion:] You know I'm steppin
Well yo let put this together and let all the
Girls know how we wanna be done

[Rap #1 Heavy D:]
Now would you mind if I laid you down and
Licked you lovely,
Made your body sticky with some bumble bee honey
And tickled your fancy with my finger or a feather?
Worry not, my lover,
The Heavster is clever.
Now I'd like to hold you and squeeze you tight,
But don't turn into an acrobat and flip over night
'Cause we can go on if the lovin is strong
But I'd really hate to have to write a do me wrong song.

Do Me Right [4x]

[Verse #1 Aaron:]
I dream of you all the time
When I wake up there's a smile on my face
And when we get together
Girl I just don't know what to say
Why is it hello kiss goodbye
Really making me feel low
Can you tell me what is on your mind
I just got to know
What is goin on?
Can you tell me where do we go from here?
Wanna bring you close bring you in my heart
I wanna know that you're my girl
But girl you gotta treat me right

[Chorus #1 Background Vocals:]
Do me right
I just wanna be your man
I want you be my girl
Why don't you just
Do me right?

[Chorus #1 Aaron:]
Do me right, I wanna be your man,
Bring you close to me.
Why don't you do me, do me right?
Girl ya know, girl ya know, I wanna be your man.

[Verse #2 Aaron:]
Such a sticky situation,
But I think that we should take that chance
So many plans we've got ahead,
Let's forget about the past,
We can get to making love and romance.
Girl you're something else,
I wanna get with you, believe me girl.
I wanna hold you close,
Keep you in my heart,
I gotta know that you're my girl
Girl, you gotta treat me right.

[Chorus #1 Background Vocals 2x]

[Chorus #2 Aaron:]
Oh yeah yeah,
Be my girl, oh-oh.
Why don't you do me, do me right?
Girl ya know, girl ya know...

[Random Girl:Who's on the phone]

[Rap #2 Heavy D:]
Well it's caller number one,
What's the matter?
Don't you recognize my voice, honey bun?
Oh, I understand,
You were half sleep.
Now wait a minute-
Who's beeper just beeped?
I know it ain't mine,
Mine's is on my hip.
Now tell me you didn't flip,
On the honey dipped ya pocket trip.
It's time to get ya heart broke,
Honey, I smell smoke
You thought he was dope so you took a toke?
So here's the news, I'm ghost,
I'm outta here, long gone
The lover went left,
So honey you stay strong;
And when you wake up in the middle of the night,
I'll be with her 'cause she,
She'll do me right!
Do me right.

[Bridge Background Vocals:]
Do me right.
Be my girl.

[Chorus #1 Background Vocals 2x]

[Chorus #3 Aaron:]
Do me right!
Ho-oh, yeah baby
Promise I will do the right things for you,
Please baby, be my girl
I don't want nobody else.
Oh I've got to have your love right now,
Oh do me right,
Do me right now baby,
I can't wait no longer
Ho-oh-oh, do me right, baby, oh-oh-oh...