"Maybe I Can Paint Over That" lyrics - GUY CLARK

"Maybe I Can Paint Over That"

I've smeared my heart on my sleeve
I've tagged my name on the wall
It's prob'ly time for me to leave
Actin' big and talkin' small

I've tracked blood in on the floor
I put my first through the wall
I've dragged trouble through the door
And I've spilled wine on it all

Maybe I can paint over that
It'll prob'ly bleed through
Maybe I can paint over that
But I can't hide it from you

I've got some ink beneath my skin
A good idea at the time
I won't be doing that again
Not with any arm of mine

And I have stumbled in my time
I left my footprints down the road
And the part of me that shines
Ain't the part of me that's showed