"Chasing Dreams" lyrics - GZA

"Chasing Dreams"

[Singer] Chase your dreams...
[R.Report] It's the R-O-B
[E.Tualo] Rob Report
[R.Report] with GZA
[E.Tualo] and Esera Tualo
[R.Report] Yeah, yeah, Genius...
[Singer] Dreams... chase your dreams
[R.Report] Diamond Willie, Mega Raw
[E. Tualo] Back to reality
Genius, one time, yo

Yo, in these dark streets, life is never complete
Lords escape from those who strictly Play IV Keeps
Neighborhood; poverty stricten
Spin and Tell like Charles Dickens
The witnesses are sickening
I seen some acquitted with the wildest crime committed
While my brother faced life and never did it
Even in High Tide, they throwing brothers off the boat
In the streets, without a vest, it's hard to stay a-float
She wrote a note, before she *sliced her throat*
Couldn't live without her son, who was killed for his coat
I closely examined, physical branden
Witnessed myself standing in a land struck with famine
Multiple homocides from atomic wars
The aftermath, poison in lakes and reseviors
Thoughts spin, I narrowly escaped Hell's Gate
But only in the physical state

[Chorus: singer]

I knew a girl who wanted to live The Fast Life
(You're living too fast, baby)
Now the pain cuts like a knife
(You're living trife)
Chasing her dreams instead of reality
She lost her way
And nowhere can save her from the danger
Until she finds her way in Heaven

(Rob Report)
GZA, I got a similar story to tell
'Bout the teenage adolescence of this kid named Will
An ex-coroner played the (*censored*)
Young black and hispanic kids be stressed over
React against the world with rude behavior
In this present year
My search for hunger and ambition is crystal clear
While my young brothers seem to chase dreams
I be gunning down my wildest fantasies

(Esera Tualo)
I be escaping fiends, making cream
Ill kids tried to stick me for the green
Seen things that'll make your head spin
Instead fuckin' stairways to Heaven make my eyes sparkly like a gem
Where your heart has been? Confiscated by the dark
[R.Report] shorty use a *gun* and spark
Now we's in the street with the heat taking life apart
Seventeen years old, drama unfolds
Missing You like Puffy and Sting, now let them names ring

(Esera Tualo and Rob Report)
Chasing dreams for the cash and cream
It seems some of us are fiends
For them luxery things, supreme sting
Losing lives while we out for the green
Stairs to Heaven shine like they diamond rings

Chase your dreams, don't get lost in reality
'Cause your dreams will be your savior
And take you all the way to Heaven

(Esera Tualo)
Nothing can save you baby