"Living Foul" lyrics - GZA

"Living Foul"

Such a shame, such a shame

You're living foul, things are getting wild
It's difficult to raise a child
'Cause growin up in a lost environment
Every day becomes a new experiment
Now we are faced with problems
But if we come together we can solve them
Before we start to solving, here's a sample
Who's coming foward to set the example
Inflation, starvation
Surviving takes a strong nation
Those who like to bring about static
Be aware of the true Asiatic
What you see was predicted before
We were already warned of this bloody drug war
Wherever you sell it wherever you go
Ya still being clocked by the cops, ya know
You're paid by the hours, they see time flies
While your brain's being showered by a bunch of lies
You say I'm no slave where's the lock and chain
Hmmm, on your ignorant brain
Skip to ya loo with your High Pro Glow
Ya not stim off life, ya stimulated off blow
Or the new improved, ask beaming Jack
Criza, criza, crack

You're living foul, living foul

My people you were forced then brought
Stripped from your jewels brainwashed and then taught
To hate, deceive and dislike each other
Separating themselves, you're not my brother
Sit up at home for a mystery
Face-valuing things that you can't see
Can't taste can't smell, hear or feel
But senses prove everything is real
I'm here to present a positive way
If strong you'll accord if weak you'll stray
Drug users are stuck in the mud
Another 20th century modern day chud
These cannibal humanoid undernourished dwellers
Just took your check to the heroin cellar
Dope addicts, that walk and roam
Might have Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIDS, doesn't come from me
'Cause I've studied and learned my history
It had to be something evil to bring that about
This is showing and proving beyond a shadow of a doubt

You're living foul, living foul

When you wake up, to a brand new day
And you think about your salary or your pay
You think of negative things, should I get involved
Caught in crime, serving time, that's problems to solve
So you think about it, say that you must quit
Smoke a blunt, then you do the same old shhhh
And while ya high you don't truly know why
You spent your cash so that you can buy
Some herb (word) and some Old E (yeah)
A fifty cent Philly so the herb can be
Rolled up modern style to what we call a blunt
Know the facts is true don't try to front
Or stray away from the positive message in the song
That's only showing and proving you're not strong
And the strong is what we need today
Why? They go the opposite way

Of living foul, you're living foul

The words right now flowing off my tongue
Is for the old, the young, the one's that's strong
Those who are worshippers of diamonds and gold
You should not be bought and you should not be sold
Those who always want but does not need
Is slightly controlled by the hands of greed
If you rob, steal, backstab and abduct
Sooner or later you will self-destruct

You're living foul