"Mic Trippin" lyrics - GZA

"Mic Trippin"

[Verse 1: GZA]
Mic Trippin' from rock skipping off the local brooks
Not knowing, heavyweight throwing vocal hooks
Rhyming off Apache, the RZA scratch thee
Records borrowed from Home Alone kid known as Latchkey
Break beat fanatic, crates deep in attics
45s marked up, looped with static
Rap ring heavy, each link in my chain, truck's Chevy
Flare ripped from the magic lair of medley
But deadly, I merge forward with a sharp spear
He must return now, his flight departs here
Like Sitting Bull, I lay with my bow pulled
Arrow poisonous 'cause my enemy clip's full
Stay in the venue, with the party promoters, life parolers
Half the crowd wild, 9 m&m holders
Apply boulders, smash your allied soldiers
Intimate footage roll off the cameraman's shoulders
Many will die for fame, moving like Leroy
Can't be one and the same, nah, that ain't b-boy
The decoy, scan this with high tech radar
Til' my mic strike, leave a state-size crater
I came into this with the writer's block
To prevent a sudden shock on a large flock
Clips are uncut episode, invincible armor
I blaze one, once I strike the match off my bomber

[Hook: GZA]
Adjust this, til its EQ'ed like never
Watch ya megawatts, bang spots, raise the lever
It's Operation Cobra, it's over
Control the globe slowly, the bold soldier

[Verse 2: GZA]
My rough cut metal tapes, quick to break label mates
Won't hesitate to negotiate your table stake
First lesson came from the session, room one
From the longest awaited but the strongest made it
Complex, complicated, compressed, elongated
Homicidal, subtitle, Wu claw, banger off the ocean shore
Kid jaw, cut with the jigsaw
Intern engineer, vest on the youth
Make the mic booth bulletproof from sparked wires
From autofire rapid from a verbalist slangster's gat
Two hit Tucker, she labeled it gangster rap
Unseen curve, struck the vital nerve
Of some sort, courts got papers to serve
Still bang 'em in the head, just lead, no eraser
One shot, no chaser, who ya replacer
You punch-drunk swinging your keys on your index
Showing off your Rolex, didn't see the Joe Tex
Filmed it on Bolex, smashed with the largest
Full finger, name ringer, life clinger

[Hook 2x]