"Bring The Hammer Down" lyrics - HAMMERFALL

"Bring The Hammer Down"
(Stefan Elmgren)

[Solo: Stefan Elmgren]

There was a time when we were noble soldiers
Fearless and wild, a fight just to survive
Reformed our troops, one flag one world united
Under the sun the powers came alive

The sound of our cause, the meaning of life
Beyond stars and skies
Now raise your hands and let it all come out

Bring the Hammer Down
Slam it down to the ground
One flag, one world united
Templars, fight or fall
Raise your fists, heed the call
Bring the Hammer Down, behold the light

The future holds nothing but pain and sorrow
No painted skies, we dwell in black and white
Just live your life, like there is no tomorrow
Present today, forgotten before dawn

Still counting the stars, in search for a way
The meaning of life
Now raise your hands before your time runs out


[Solo: Pontus, Stefan, both]