"Hammer High" lyrics - HAMMERFALL

"Hammer High"

Hammer high this is a freedom cry!
Hammer high, no one should ask me why!
It's my life - tell me I will defy!
Hammer high until I die!

Black clouds on the horizon
Dread crimson skies
The thunder within
The sign to begin
A tempest of fire and ice
I keep my courage blazing
Withhold this grounds
Protecting the steal
This is my deal
The flames of thy anger and my will!

Remember the frozen tears
Turning each second to ears
I meltdown in paradise
Revolution calling! Break the ice!


The rapid fire pounding
To the beat of my heart
Let's make a stand
True to till the end
Warrior under command

I'm melting the frozen ice
Burning the books filled with lies
And inside the pouring rain
Things will never ever be the same!



The strong will survive
In the end, it's the game
Forever defy!
Hammer high up in the sacred sky!

[Chorus 3x]