"Dirty Mind" lyrics - HANK WILLIAMS, JR.

"Dirty Mind"

Well I just got back from the liquer store,
I bought you some pink champaigne.
It's early afternoon so why don't you,
Come over and model these things.
I forgot to you I stopped at that little,
Loungerie shop in the mall.
And the girls showed me this,
The girls showed me that.
And baby I bought 'em all.

Now you can put on this garter belt.
Wear this hot little dress.
No it doesn't leave much for imagination,
But it shows off your assets
I can fix us a drink, while you slip into these things.
And I'll meet you in the bar at nine.
Yuo make me wanna' fantasy,
I've got a dirty mind.

Yes it's true. I've got a dirty mind.
But I saw you enjoy it too, all those men giving you the eye.
You women are trying to keep us men turned on all the time.
We hope you never quit, 'cause we're enjoying it.
We've all got dirty minds.

Now don't you tell me I'm a dirty devil, through and through,
Sittin there with your dress hiked up
All those legs and hose and shoes.
I heard about your last party, so don't you be judging me.
You junped up on the table, did a slow strip
Girl you're as bad as me.


I need a night of counseling, to get my mind off of these things
I've got a dirty, nasty, rotten, normal mind