HANK WILLIAMS, JR. lyrics - Good Friends, Good Whiskey, Good Lovin'

"Good Friends, Good Whiskey, Good Lovin'"

One thing's for sure
We're all just passin' through
No we're not gonna live forever
Not me and you

But Lord, I've had a good time
Lyrics courtesy Top40db.
Yes Lord I've had a good good life
I've just one thing to say
This is all that matters anyway

Good friends, good whiskey, and good lovin'
I want to thank you Lord
For givin' me all of them
To get me by
Take my money, take my rings
I'd trade it all for just three things
Good friends, good whiskey, and good lovin

Don't you know I'm just like lotsa folks in your town
I laugh and I love and I cuss life's ups and downs
There really ain't much difference you see
Betweeen all of you and me
Yes I like cold beer and hot lips and a ride in the country.

[Chorus 2x]