"Dirrty" lyrics - HANSON


Oh, I'm overdue
Give me some room
I'm coming through
Paid my dues
I'm in the mood
Me and the girls gonna shake the room

DJ's spinning (show your hands)
Let's get dirrty (that's my jam)
I need that, uh, to get me off
Sweat until my clothes come off

It's explosive, speakers are pumping
Still jumping, six in the morning
Table dancing, with this erection
Ain't no question, time for some action

Gonna get my girls
Get your boys
Gonna make some noise

Wanna get rowdy
Gonna get a little unruly
Get it fired up in a hurry
Gonna get dirrty
It's about time that I came to start the party
Sweat dripping over my body
Dancing gettin' just a little naughty
Gonna get dirrty
It's about time for my arrival