"Angel" lyrics - HAPPY MONDAYS


Its not I who sought the novice
It's the novice who sought me
Cook went blind and drank too much
And fed his guest on angeldust

Where did the pain start
When did the symptoms begin
Where did the pain start
What have the symptoms been?

If my heads been through a windscreen
Why are all the eyeballs green?
Take me round the roundabout
Slow down, don't stop
Bail out-
Pull out

It was not I who bit the sheriff
It was the sheriff who bit me
By my lambchops, buttercup What a crucifixion
What a crucifixion mean

I was bitten by a horse
Now Im moving for divorce
It took more than one man to change my name to Shanghai Lily
Whats a cluckin chicken
Whats a cluckin chicken need
Where's the cluckin chicken
Where's the cluckin chicken been