"Kuff Dam" lyrics - HAPPY MONDAYS

"Kuff Dam"

If you've got to be told by someone then it's got to be me
And that's not made from cheese and it doesn't get you free
So now your wising up to know you need a job
Don't bite, don't bite, don't bite out in here
It's been nice wasting time, it's not worth your while
Blow on, go on, blow on, go up and spill it all out
And if we have to be shown by someone then it won't be you
You see that Jesus is a cunt and I help you with everything that you do or you done
It wont be long, it wont be long to get rid of your furry tongue
It's going in-out, it's going in-out

Blow on, go on, blow on, go on and stroke a left side
Go on, blow on, go on, blow on and stroke a right side
Your biting into the root your smoking pot to the wall
Blow on, go on, blow on, go on and take it full blown
Kuff dam, down down, dam kuff, kuff dam, dam kuff