"Tokoloshe Man" lyrics - HAPPY MONDAYS

"Tokoloshe Man"

Make your bed up high
Pray into the sky
Close the window close the door
Makes no difference if you're rich or poor.
Get on your knees scream please
That man just love to tease.
Try to run
Get a gun
He just laugh it make it more fun.
Hard like rock ain't got no soul
He can make the sun feel cold.
Put an eclipse on the moon
Make a little cloud forty day monsoon.
Don't recognize no hawk
Don't recognize no dove
Bad tokoloshe man
He don't even recognize love
And it makes no difference
If you're yellow or you're red
When that bad man say
Tonight is the night you are dead.
And it makes...
Only thing I can say to you is
You gotta be good an'you gotta be true
Think about Jesus Christ.
And it makes...