"You're A Builder Upper" lyrics - HAROLD ARLEN

"You're A Builder Upper"

You're a builder upper, a breaker downer;
A holder outer and I'm a giver iner.
Sad, but true, I'm a saparoo, too;
Taking it from a taker over like you

Don't know where I'm at-a, I'm just a this-a
Then I'm a that-a, a taker on the chiner.

My, my, my, what a weaky am I
To love you as I do.
Just when I'm ready to sob,
You hand me a throb
And everything is hunky dory
And that's my story

Open your arms and I'm a stooge for your charms
You're a builder upper, a breaker downer,
A holder outer, and I'm a giver iner
Sad, but true, I love it, I do!
Being broken by a builder upper like you