"Dirty Old Man" lyrics - HARRY CHAPIN

"Dirty Old Man"

In the sixties I wrote about four hundred songs
Before anybody even paid any attention
And they, they fit into two categories
They were my, my protest songs
Which, I was known as Gaypin Chapin in those days

And uh, in my, my protest songs had the implications behind them
If only the world was as truly wonderful as I am
There'd be no problems and somehow these didn't go over very well

And then I had my cool, macho stud ballads
These were songs rather
Disparately intended to get someone of the opposite sex
Horizontal for an extended period of time with me

And uh, I will demonstrate
Why you never heard of me in the sixties
Alright, this is one verse of one song of that
The cool, macho stud period, okay

I've had pretty women in my days
Yeah, those long haired beauties
Simply rained in my way

I treat 'em right and they just love me more
And when they gave me trouble
I just show them the door

I'm a dirty old man and I don't give a damn

Where were you guys during the sixties, man
I needed you