"Dracula's Castle" lyrics - HELSTAR

"Dracula's Castle"

Won't you look into my world
What do you see
Can't you free the chains
Or do you hold the key
When you reach the end
The corners of your mind
What will you be what will you find
Will you find the answers
To the questions that you ask of me
Will you find your answers or will you
Find out that you weren't meant to be

He floats through the air free as a bird on a wing
A bat out of hell
Just waiting for someone to sting
Look to the skies I think you'll suddenly
Find out I say what I mean
Silently stalking he pros by the light of the moon
He climbs up your wall
Just like Spiderman turned to a loon
Don't look in his eyes
He's got the power to make you think it's all a dream
Don't watch the mirror, you can't see his reflection, girl
He can't be seen
Don't fall asleep tonight
Or he'll find to his delight
You may wake up in a castle as his bride

Don't you make no mistake
You'd better lie awake
With a hammer and a stake
Close beside you

Watch as he crawls through your windows
To feed on his prey
Never again will you ever
See the light of day
There's no hope baby, you're his now
And forever till death do you a part
You better find him and bind him
And bury him deep
Go out and hunt him down people kill him in his sleep
Don't be afraid now, 'cause once you
Found him and bound him it's only the start
Pick up the stake now hold above you
And drive it deep in his heart