"Genius Of Insanity" lyrics - HELSTAR

"Genius Of Insanity"
(Jerry Abarca / Larry Barragan)

The Fuhrer has a master race
The rest will have to go
There's a sinister smile upon his face
In his eyes an evil glow
Death is written in the cards
Six million soon to die
They'll be tortured by the SS guards
Don't bother asking why
Arrested by the Gestapo
And crammed into the trains
They sent them off to ghettos
It all seemed so deranged
They look all possession
And took away all pride, they filled
Up all the gas chambers
And called it genocide
The Abomination
With all its Pestilent Dreams
Will wallow in the darkness
And relish your every scream
Mass termination is the final solution

They will start interrogations
To suppress retaliations
From the victims of the new society
There is only mass confusion
Behind the Fuhrer grand illusion
There's no end to his monstrosity
Everywhere there's trepidation
Dare not speak against your nation
Or death will be your fate
Either join the grand regime
Or step into the death machine
Should you die or learn to hate


Aushwitz. Dachau
Just another name for hell
The Nazis run them all
And have learned to do it well
Systematic killing was their only way to go
They tried to hoot them one by one
But found that much too slow
They threw the babies in the furnance
And left the old ones out to die
The ingenious lunatic
Rules a kingdom that is blind