"Lost To Be Found, Found To Be Lost" lyrics - HELSTAR

"Lost To Be Found, Found To Be Lost"

Awaking each day, guilty again
Empty inside
Labeled an outcast living in shame
A sinner who hides
Their smiling faces so full of peace
I had to fit in
They'd make me righteous
Leaving me pure
Cleansing of sin

Lost to be found, found to be lost
Lead a stray the bitter cost

I gave them my life
All of my dreams and my money
To show me belief,
What they called faith, testimony
More lost than before
Nowhere to go, played such a fool
Their words so in rhyme
Made me believe lying their tool


A cast of lies
The words denied
The ones who hide their sins inside
Mass frustration from confusion
What seemed real
Was just illusion

[Chorus 2x]