"Fallout Shelter" lyrics - HERB ALPERT

"Fallout Shelter"

I'm gonna lock myself
In a fallout shelter
To get away from you
I'm gonna bolt the door
Never come out no more
Just to keep away from you

Oh, you
You terrible you
Tough, tough you

I'm gonna lock my heart
To keep out radiation
The kind you've got
Could blow out a nation
And never more will I open the door
Nnn 'cause I might get contamination

From a-you
Terr-terrible you
Tough, tough you

Oh, you
Terr-terr-terrible you
Tough, tough you

Well if you change your mind
Just drop me a line
Push it through the ventilation

If you don't care, baby,
Slip me some air
And I'll stay for another generation

Oh, you
Terr-terrible you
Tough, tough you