"Can't Fight Love" lyrics - HOUSE OF LORDS

"Can't Fight Love"

'Cause enough ain't enough
Once you start
No, no, no
You can't fight love

It's never easy and it's never nice
When the truth of the matter is a little white lie

It's a shock to the system
It's a kick in the heart
But if we tried to stop
We wouldn't know where to start

Baby, a kiss ain't just a kiss
When it feels like this
Come a little closer

Somewhere, in the deep of the night
Baby, we fit a little to tight 'cause

Enough, ain't enough
Once you start
You can never ever stop
Takes you high, gets you up
Face it baby
No, no, no
You can't fight love

It can shatter the windows
It can knock down the doors
Peel off the plaster
Like never before

I swore I wouldn't fall
Baby what can I say
Wild, wild horses
Couldn't drag me away

This fire will never leave us alone
Our flesh has a mind of it's own


Tonight, in the name of desire
Gonna break our own rules
Gonna prove ourselves liars
We tried
Yeah, we tried to be tough
C'mon pretty baby just give it up


You can't fight love!