"Pontiac Slipstream" lyrics - HOWE GELB

"Pontiac Slipstream"

You know, you know
If a feller named monroe never fathered bluegrass
He would still be unrecognised as the grand wizard of speed metal

Like if all the king's men wouldn't have to wear red jackets
Maybe pontiac wouldn't have been traded pox ridden blankets
And we'd have finer sky liners
Complete with feathers breated across the wingspan

Can the way to 'hey joe'
Be paved with a grassy knoll
And a little monroe

Way back when the world was flat
Heading off to the flat lands
Find yourself another fertile patch of land
Under another kings command

Now here we are waking up in somebody else's bed
Well embedded in somebody else's dream
In our head why ever the what we're headed
Is it like they said, loving to live to regret it

And speaking of monroe
If kennedy never got shot
Then monterey would never have hendrix
L know, l know
If hendrix never found london
Falling james would never end up on the jerry springer show

Can the way to 'hey joe'
Be paved with the grassy knoll
And a little monroe
Bill or marilyn