"I Don't Mind" lyrics - HUGH CORNWELL

"I Don't Mind"

That's me in that car on that road in that light
That's you looking good saying things feeling right
That's us in that frame on that shelf what a sight
Never thought I could be riding like this tonight
Life can be a breeze or it can strike me blind
I don't mind

That's me in that plane flying over the pond
That's you wondering where on earth you belong
That's us making sense where it all could go wrong
Never thought that I could be so healthy so long
Meet me by the exit or under the sign
I don't mind

That's me with that axe and I'm just taking aim
That's you making plans on the practical plane
That's us having fun setting up down the lane
Never thought I could make it and not miss the train
Take the day off or open the wine
I don't mind

That's me making hay when the sun wants to shine
That's you loving rain and the difficult times
That's us making love making up solving crimes
Never thought that I'd try to start towing your line
Take me by the hand or call me a swine
I don't mind