"The Jealous Lover" lyrics - IAN & SYLVIA

"The Jealous Lover"

She dressed herself in men's attire
And so gaily she was dressed
A'thinking to meet her own true love, the one that she loved best
But when he saw her a'coming
He cried out, "who is there?
It is my eldest brother, a'thinkin to meet my dear

But how soon will I deceive him, for his butcher I will be
He shall not live to enjoy my love nor yet to bother me"
He fired right at him as he thought
Which caused his loved one to fall
And in her tender bosom he lodged a fatal ball

"I fall, I fall, I fall", said she,
"I fall unto the ground
Oh, Jimmie, cruel Jimmie,
You have gave me my death wound
Come look at the crimson tide, that from my heart does flow
Oh Jimmie, cruel Jimmie,
How could you use me so?"

And when he saw what he had done
He tore his lovin' hair
Another loaded pistol for himself he did repair
"I shall die for the love of Mary, I shall die for the life of thee!"
Come all bold lads and bold lassies,
Be aware of jealousy