"Fuck 'Em (Insert)" lyrics - ICE CUBE

"Fuck 'Em (Insert)"

[5 seconds fades-in]

[Female Interviewer:]
Please, welcome O'Shea Jackson better known as Ice Cube!
How you doin'?

[Ice Cube:] How you doin'?

[Female Interviewer (male):]
Good to see you.
Well known that the Crips and the Bloods are allegedly coming together.
Yeah, you've been alot in the media lately than other rappers, we'd mentioned earlier Cube, that uhm...
You know? You have been labelled a lota thing.
What do you say to the people with the causal being anti-semitic, (fuck 'em!)
Or anti-careerist?
And, basically a portrait of the violence because of your lyrics, what do you say to them? (fuck 'em!)
It's probably the reason why they say that it's beacause some of the lyrics were...
Aimed at the women, bitches and hoes, and all that.
I wanna talk a little bit about that, too.
Because we saw the parents' discussion about this last time and... (yeah!)
So and brothers, uhm... folks walkin' around, totin' guns, uuuuhm...
All that kinda stuff, do you think that sometimes those images and those lyrics...
Help white folks justify their continual racism againts us, or continue racism against us? (nah!)

[Ice Cube:]
I-I speak... in a perpective as uh... brothers on,..
What we need to do is look in the mirror.
I-I, I do want the white community to understand our community more...
And see what's going on, and see what, what uh... the things they've done to us in the past...
Are still affectin' us now... mentally, you know?
And,.. the reason I said it's because, I mean everything I said about, uh, uuuhm... you know?
Everything I said on records before the riots, you know? Uuuh... (uh-hmm!)
Anything you want to know about the riots...
Was in the records before the riots! All you had to do was go...
To the Ice Cube library and, and, and...

[Female Interviewer:] In, in, in...

[Ice Cube:]
Pick a record and it would have told you.
You know? I've given warnings...

[Female Interviewer:]
So in other words, it's almost like a... war-warning or prophecy?

[Ice Cube:]
I-I've, I've given...
I've given so many warnings on what's going to happen.
If we don't get these, uuh...
These, these things straight in our lives, the clashes the-then, you know?
Armageddon is-is-is, is near! Eheh! [beat stops]

[Movie Bites from "Scarface (1981) ", Al Pacino as Tony Montana speaks:]
This here...
These words all about money.