"MP" lyrics - ICE CUBE


[Master P:]
Yo, niggas, what's happenin' out there?
This muthafuckin' MP, nigga to kizzon. You heard me?
Hookin' out with my nigga, Ice Cube & all.
We servin' y'all salted niggas, hot wings, nigga.
Y'all better realize that this muthafuckin' War & Peace shit, so muthafuckin' Trill.
I mean so muthafuckin' real.
When niggas from the sizzouth & niggas from the west & the east & the muthafuckin' north hook up
And show y'all muthafuckers that don't matter.
Where ya from is how ya come 'cause we all 'about that cheddar nigga the green muthafuckin' Benjamin's. You heard me?
We gon' stay 'About It, 'About It, rowdy, rowdy
And my real niggas, this shit for y'all.