"All I Could Do Was Cry" lyrics - IKE & TINA TURNER

"All I Could Do Was Cry"

Oh, I heard church bells ringing
And I heard, and I, I heard a choir singing
And I, I saw my love walk down, walk down the aisle
And on her finger he placed a ring and ohh

Right now, I wanna have your attention for just a moment
Because I wanna tell you something that happened to me
And people, it wasn't too long ago
It was back in my hometown not too long ago that
That the only man that I'd ever loved got married to another girl

And on the day of the wedding, when I
When I finally decided to go to this affair
I took a seat at the back of the church so that
So that all of my friends wouldn't see the hurt
That I was feeling in my heart

And as I sat there somebody was playing a tune
On the organ kinda soft and sort of sweet
Here comes the bride and I looked up and
And I saw my man walking down the isle with another girl

And as they reached the altar, I heard the preacher say
Said, "Young lady, do you take this man to be your loving
And your wedded husband, to love and to cherish him
Until the day that you die"

She smiled and she said, "I do", but then he turned
And he looked at my man and he said, "And young man, do you
You take this lovely young lady here
To be your loving and be wedded wife"

"To love and to cherish her until the day that you die"
And he also smiled and said, "I do"
And I wanna tell you something, I wanna tell you that
That it was so hard for me to sit there and to hear the man that I love
Say those very words

When people, I have waited so long and I had struggled so hard
I had worked my fingers down to the bone to please the man
Whether he was right or wrong
He was getting married to another girl

And when the wedding was coming to an end
And all of their friends was having so much fun
Just laughing and, and talking with one another
He had the nerve to walk up to me and you know what he said

I'm gonna tell you what he said, he said
"Tina, Tina darling", he said, "Even though we are apart"
Said, "I'm gonna always reserve a 'Send a love spot'
In the corner of my heart"
Now that was the corner of his heart, he didn't even stop to think
What was in the corner of my heart

But it was a little too late for that because
People, the wedding was over with and we're marching out of the church
Their friends was throwing rice all over their heads
But as I sit there by my self

And all, all I could do, all I could do was cry, yeah
Said all I could do, and all I could do was cry, yes, it was
Because I, I was losing the only man that I'd ever loved
Oh, and all, all I could do, oh Lord, all I could do was cry