"Stay" lyrics - IMELDA MAY


Wake, eat, breathe
Wait, watch, sleep away the worry
Connect without meeting
Missing while seeing your face
On a screen the size of my hand
Hoping to see you again
Close the door Da
Wash the food before
Touching the hands
That are cracking like they did
When you painted school railings in the rain

Keep safe, stay in
Keep going, stay sane
Relax, read, do the things you've been meaning to do
Shed the weight you've been meaning to lose
But not the plot
Keep that!

Plant potatoes, dance with the telly
Drink the wine you were keeping for 'good'
Loosen the clothes
Tighten the purse, yoga, piano, cooking
And nothing worse than a whiner
So smile and post that online too
How about not knowing what to do for a while
Figure it out before it all goes back to a before
We couldn't keep up with
And keep the good bits

The laughing at ourselves
Time with the kids and dog
And neighbours leaving stuff on the step
The bloody good excuse
For not paying the bills
No sweat about not getting dressed
Hearing birds again
Now the traffic has been turned down
Singing songs like you did the first time
Music to my ears
That I get from me mam's side
Who I miss
While I wake, eat, breathe
Wait, watch and sleep away the worry