"Dancing With Strangers" lyrics - INFORMATION SOCIETY

"Dancing With Strangers"
(Kurt Larson / Leila Mack / Paul Robb)

No one hears my voice
The songs of lesser men

My sun is going down
Never to rise again

Cold is heart and home
Hollow is the bone

Don't slow down or rest
Got to go and go and go (and go and go-go)

Paralyzed and mute
Staring at the ground

Blind to all the color
Going round and round

Does no one know the plan
Why do we pretend

Who can now withstand
Where now is the end

Crowd of people leaping round the fire
Whirling naked round the funeral pyre

Dropping it all and running looking to the sky
Feeling the body working wishing he could fly

Symbiotic host
Dreaming of being free

Demons of the mind
Stronger than you or me

Ever we seek to fly
Ever we seek to own

Never to know love
And never to be alone

The population swells
Falling on down the well

Only the plaintive cries
Dragging me down to hell

Bitter we trundle on through
The darkness of the day

Everyone loses hope
Everything fades away

Spinning dancing in a thunderstorm
Crashing rending wind to keep her warm

Five who join hands on a crowded street
Screaming up into the sun's bright heat

I got a pin and I'm sticking it in
It's going deep down far through the surface of skin
I got a big, wide smile reaching ear to ear
Got a voodoo doll and I got no fear

Standing on the cliff the wild wind blows
Throwing dollar bills while the howling grows

Walking deep and dark in tunnels underground
Dread and awe from the secrets they've found