"Intro (The Marvelous Missing Link: Lost)" lyrics - INSANE CLOWN POSSE

"Intro (The Marvelous Missing Link: Lost)"
(Mike E. Clark / Insane Clown Posse)

The Marvelous Missing Link! [4x]

Is there darkness all around you?
Are you lost and confused, afraid?
All the time, afraid inside?
Does it sometimes feel like you're walking through a dark, endless cave, no way out in sight?
Does it feel like you're falling further and further into an endless pit of despair?
Does it seem that nobody can help you, or even understand what it is you're going through?

Your link is missing
You're lost, but there is a way
You must find your link
You must find faith
You must believe
Hope and believe in your faith
Whatever that faith is, you must have faith and believe
We only get so much time to live
Don't spend your days in the dark and then die without ever having faith
Find your faith
Find your Missing Link
And find the light...