"Journey Unknown" lyrics - INSOMNIUM

"Journey Unknown"

I'm rushing through the cosmos
Reaching the light from beyond the sun
I see my self dissolving, as universe locks me into its arms
When you dream of the sea of stars
And in the sky the northern lights flame
Sometimes do you remember, hear the silence between the worlds

Swirling surges of plasma, permeate me as I continue my fall
Distorted dimensions swarm around me
Flickering a while, soon lost to sight
And all these shapes I've seen
Always through thick darksome mist
Become now clear vision of consternation and awe

Into soothing silence I lapse
Under your guarding eyes I rest
At the gates of your kingdom
I bow down and enter

Domed stellar colonnades outline the arch of the sky
A scene from here to eternity and everything that between lies
The grandeur of all existence, reveals me now pass my closed eyes
And as my sleep turns ever deeper, I'm really awaken for the first time