"Numen Divinum" lyrics - INSOMNIUM

"Numen Divinum"

May the wind rise, and the storm awake
See the sky turn dark, clouds devour the sun
No moon or starlight to guide you in the night
Doomed to wander in dusk, grope in the shades

Time for retribution
Into nothingness I curse you all

I challenge the Almighty, forger of the skies
Above the ancient gods, I control the stars
Sun rests on my shoulders, moon lies on my brows
Over life and death, I have the power

You shall kneel before me, quiver under my anger
For I am your Majesty, Lord of the burning darkness
Those who dread me not, blasphemous deceivers
Fire will be your price, flames serve you right

The universe in my hands
Heavens collide before me
I shatter the constellations
Firmament shall fall down
World perish in flames
As I say one single word