"The Eyes" lyrics - INSPECTAH DECK

"The Eyes"

Through the eyes the windows to the soul
Seeing visions of gold
Glory or gory? Still a story is told
Where there's hate for the hero
And the villains are god
'Till fate revealed his card
Hes still feelin' it hard
Now I don't believe in magic,witchcraft or voodoo
Just karma, the things you do come back to you
Third eye wide survive
Try to stay alive
Make a way
Just to say
You lived before you died
Look ahead with faith,not back with regrets
Blessed,safe travels on your path to success


You gotta have love for yourself
Before you love something else
The feeling itself
Could be harmful to health
Trust is a luxury
Earned by respect and loyalty
The honor make it to next to royalty
Some stand in the sun their skin begin peeling
Blind to the truth
Battling with inner demons
Poison in the brain
Sure they going insane
Maintain through the joy and the pain
Its like all we know
Bless the children before we go
Love is love, that's at least how the story go