"Thundercats Freestyle" lyrics - INSPECTAH DECK

"Thundercats Freestyle"

One two one two one two
Are we on the air?
Hello mom, I'd like to make a request
Sending this out to all the non believers and all the supporters all those...
Friendly foes who chose to pump this
Specialist I-N-S, my man "Stretch" Armstrong
Don't need the prologue
We gonna give it to ya raw, yo, yo...

I got sight beyond sight like the sword of omens
Beats you left broken by the wise word spoken
Survive living drivin' my blood money hunger
Snakes lay waiting patiently to steal your thunder
We stay sharp, state of the art, tear the stage apart
Razor sharp poison darts raid the charts
Through the underground some are found chained aground
The gun shot shhhhh

Yo, yo, the hood life, I'm in it to the limit
Wouldn't quit it for a digit
Die for it 'cause I live it
Before I let go I correct dough, I bust my shh
About to blow the lid off, alert the metro
I glow like a laser light show your eyes squint
Vibrant, true colors that move swift and silent
Living by the day hearts are cold like winter nights
Got a hot hand on the dice, in this game of life
A-alikes in tune, immune to snake bites
Roll like the blue coats with no lights late night
Smooth criminal, born original, on a lyrical, high
Perform miracles before your third eye
Sir I, knight of the round table
Rocking the kings ground able, to hold it down stable
Player don't take nines to make minds dearly duty
Fatal beauties seduced me
Used to be a Hootie and the Blowfish groupie, unruly
Fists of fury fly loosely, cash still rule ain't nothing new tuck your jewelry jewelry jewelry

Yo, yo, yo, this is a little sample on how we start to trample
But I'm-a blast off one more time
For y'all to press rewind, yo, yo,

Yo just when you thought it was safe to make a name for yourself
The blows dealt, get stripped for your belt
Bring your garments, feather-weights don't know what you involved in
Revolving in, fantasy and dilute dissolving
My hip-hop quoted as an uncontrolled substance
Rough in the beginning, this been in my blood since my child days
Blazed rookies on entry level, empty metal jackets are found a sign of rebel
The ayatollah, Kenny Rodgers in the game a high roller
Sidekick, lucky hands a dice thrower
Amputate tracks blow back the mic hold up
Golden acts played come down, the mic's over
Taking flight in the rover, noble street soldier
Deep cover mission rap spies peek my folder
I.N.S., a.k.a. Jay Hunter
Vocal gunner known to chokehold, the funky drummer
Hundred city tour for the summer
Pop the last dog, Wu forever roar through your forerunner
My all-star team put up Jordan-like numbers
Small wonder get your welcome mats snatched from under
Word up

Sicking all that
But I'm a still hit ya with the feed back
It's an actual fact
My man "Stretch" Armstrong rips the track
Like that, like that like that, like that like that