"The Unloved One" lyrics - INXS

"The Unloved One"

You bring up

Well, who'd you want me to - Yes?
We have mean - nothing!
And there you have it, Bernie.
One of them in front of them blues, they're getting you.
Yeah and in part of a down
And can I buy you - Dang it - [Coughing] - Goddamn!
Fetch me a drink!


Have a drink

Can I drop it?

Fetch me a drink
Having a day downed in rhythm.

Honey, we was just hopin' if we get it all right

I've been - I've been drinking for 25 years - 25 years.

How many was it, Toulouse?

Yeah, I've been drinking for 25 years, I'm born! I'm dead!
I'm not going down!!!