"Infamous Angel" lyrics - IRIS DEMENT

"Infamous Angel"

Last night before I went to sleep
My knees dropped to the floor
I turned me eyes up to the sky
And I prayed: "Please help me, Lord
You know I've sowed my wild oats
And now the fun's all gone."
And then I heard these tender words
And I put them in my song:

Infamous Angel, come on home
To someone who loves you
And knows you needed to roam
Grab your things, a ticket's waiting
At the bus depot:
"For: 'Infamous Angel, Destination: Home'."

I heard Heaven's choir rejoicing
As the tears broke from my eyes
And all at once it lifted
The weight from my past life
I found a pen and I left a note
On the dresser drawer:
"Infamous Angel: she don't live here anymore."


Then I hurried out the back door
As quickly as I could
I went flying down two flights of stairs
Until on the street I stood
And there I took that final look
At my old neighbourhood
Then I ran down the street proclaiming:
"Angel: gone for good."