"Walking Home" lyrics - IRIS DEMENT

"Walking Home"

I'm walking home tonight
The streets are glowing beneath the pale moonlight
I look around, there's not a soul in sight
And I'm walking home

Once again I hear my mother's voice
And all us kids making a bunch of noise
If I'm not careful I might start to cry
Just walking home tonight

I turn my head and hear the screen door slam
And there he is, that tall and dark-haired man
He looks my way but all alone he stands
And I am walking home
He's my Dad, you know I was his girl
He taught me all he knew about this world
And then he travelled right on out of sight
And I'm just walking home tonight


Old worn-out couches and a bunch of kids
Four to a bedroom and all Mom's plates were chipped
But I never knew about the things I missed
And I'm walking home
You see, it's just the place where I come from
And, good or bad, it's where the deal was done
Mom and Dad, their daughters and their sons
And I'm just walking home tonight