"Lovers' Revolution" lyrics - IRON & WINE

"Lovers' Revolution"
(Sam Beam)

I came to you, and you to me
And we were tappin' on the window at the children when the piggy bank broke
Pitchin' quite a fit
But how the makers of the medicine were always sayin' "lookin' sick"

I came to you, and you to me
And we would whimper to the women washin' milk off of their formal white gloves
But the funny thing
Is how God was in his people we were dreamin' 'bout who else to be
And all the fingers that we damaged when all we wanted was a diamond ring

I came to you (I came to you) and you to me (and you to me)
And we were barkin' at the drug dogs, blood dried black on their hands
Never realized
You never tussle with a giant 'til you can hit him right between the eyes
That no matter how chewed it, we'd be chokin' on a compromise
'Cause all the jaws, all the claws that laid restless by the riverside
There wasn't muscle in the shadow that was shovin' us into the light

I came to you, and you to me
And we were snatchin' at a poor baby's bottle just to trade it for change
But now its come to pass
That every eye beneath the mountain saw the smoke but no one heard the blast (aah)
And no one knew the arm was broken although everybody signed the cast (aah)
Until the government was good, she said "Man, I thought you'd never ask"
When love wore out her welcome they just booked her for a bag of grass
While she cried on the cross, we were suckin' on the laughing gas
When the head it left the body not a flag was hangin' (half mast, ooh)

[Outro Verse]
(I came to you, I came to you)
I came to you, and you to me
And then we lost our own lovers' revolution but it started again
Now we're one
One of the parade wailing widows walkin' home into the settin' sun
One of the soldiers lost in their dreams that never lose the gun
One of the wise man wanderin' to the podium without a tongue
One of the trophies caused by the mess we made of bein' young
One of the prayers, one of the promises swallowed with our chewing gum
One of the deaf ears dumber all time for all the years of drums
One of the wide-eyed soapboxes buried under Washington
One of the beat cops combin' every sidewalks crack for love
One of the crowded stars uncounted when the map was done
One of the withered in the garden left to wonder when the rain will come