"But! She's Just A Little Bit Crazy" lyrics - IRVING BERLIN

"But! She's Just A Little Bit Crazy"

[1st verse:]
All the boys are feeling blue
Seems they don't know what to do
One little wonderful girl
Set all their hearts in a whirl
Ever since she came to town
She has turned things upside down
They'd love to speak of romance
But they never get the chance

She's so beautiful Oh! so beautiful
But! She's just the least bit crazy
She's so wonderful Oh! so wonderful
But! She's a nut She's a nut

She looks like Tiffany's window
When she's got her jewels on
In her limousine
She looks like a queen
But! She's just a little bit gone

All the boys in town
Follow her around
But! She doesn't seem to know it
They have never met
For they never get
An invitation to call

She's got a husband who is eighty years old
He's got a million and a terrible cold
She's just a little bit crazy
About her husband, that's all

[2nd verse:]
All the other girls in town
Wear a rather jealous frown
She has upset their affairs
Taken the boys unawares
Still the boys are feeling blue
They are puzzled what to do
Her beauty drives them insane
Still they pursue her in vain